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Multi-hand Blackjack is an exciting way to play Blackjack, where you get to play up to 5 hands at once. It is a game where you are dealt up to 5 hands of cards and play all your hands against the Dealer's single hand. Our version of Multi-hand Blackjack is played with 5 standard 52-card decks. All the cards are shuffled after each game and you play with all 5 decks at once, as this offers you the best possible chance of winning.

Depending on how many hands you have bet, the Dealer will deal each hand, including himself, one card. You will then be dealt your second card. The Dealer will not receive any more cards until you have finished playing all your hands.

The object of Multi-hand Blackjack is to obtain the highest possible value without exceeding 21 on each hand. All face cards - Kings, Queens and Jacks, have a value of 10 and the Aces can have a value of 1 or 11. An Ace will have a value of 11 as long as the total of your hand does not exceed 21. If your hand exceeds 21 the Ace will have a value of 1 and not 11.

If your initial two cards on each hand do not total 21 then you may request additional cards, this is called a Hit. If your hand does not go bust, (i.e. exceed 21) and still does not equal 21, you may continue to request additional cards until your hand goes bust, reaches 21 or you decide to Stand. You would then move onto the next hand. If you are dealt a Blackjack, (an Ace and a card of value ten) the Dealer will automatically lose against that hand, unless his single card is an Ace or a card of value ten. 

After you have finished all your hands the Dealer will draw his second card. Any of your hands that have gone bust are excluded and you lose that hand. If the Dealer's hand is less then 17 he must continue to draw cards until his hand equals 17 or more. In the event of the Dealer not going bust, the value of both the Dealer and your hand/s are then compared. If your hand/s are stronger, the Casino will pay you twice the amount originally wagered. If you win on a Blackjack you will be paid out 1.5 times your original bet, plus your bet back.

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